Welcome to ComicRetrospective, a look back at the early days of superhero comics.  Our starting point is 1961 and the publication of Fantastic Four 1. We will then take a chronological look (one issue at a time) at the comics that followed.  With this, apart from providing a detailed account of what happens in the comic, we will also draw out interesting issues of note, whether it is something that has significance later or something that is no longer considered to be part of the history of a given character.

Thanks to the Marvel Unlimited service, we are able to go back to the very beginning of the Marvel superhero universe.  Over time, we may add other features such as reviews of independent comics or more recent comics within particular genres (such as Marvel Horror comics of the 70s).  We would love to add DC comics to this list, but the lack of a digital archive makes this difficult at present.  We hope this changes soon.

Happy reading and please do let us know what you think.

ComicRetrospective – 2016